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What is Continuing Education and Training (CET)?

What is Continuing Education and Training (CET)? CET is to continuously upgrade the construction workforce to support improvement in productivity, quality and safety. All personnel registered under CoreTrade and Multi-Sklling schemes or upgraded through the Direct R1 pathway, are required to attend CET under their respective registered trade category. What is the Objective? Continuing Education & Training (CET) aims to update Coretrade/Multi-skilling/Direct R1 personnel on the late

Launch of new Safety of Windows Training Course

Singapore Engineering & Construction has been appointed by BCA has the Approved Training & Testing Centre to conduct the Safety of Windows Certificate of Successful Completion (CSC).


Singapore Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd (formerly known as Singapore Piling & Civil Engineering Pte Ltd), has successfully launched its new Web Portal which has been intergrated with an efficient backend Training Management System (TMS). The web portal is meant to provide a user friendly platform to the users where they can experience a one stop system to view and register for the courses offered by Singapore Piling. Users can also create online accounts to receive time to


The Green and Gracious Builder Award (GGBA) aims to raise environmental consciousness and professionalism among builders. It recognises progressive builders who take the effort to address environmental and public concerns arising from construction works and serves to develop a more positive image of the industry over time. The award strongly supports BCA’s efforts in promoting sustainability, environmental protection and considerate practices by our builders during the
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